Organic All-Purpose Flour Milled from Organic Edison wheat, this hard-white wheat is named after the local town of Edison, Washington, and was developed by retired professor Merrell Lewis. It boasts a very light bran and a medium protein content, so it works well as a tastier substitute for all-purpose flour, making it ideal for everything from hearth loaves to pie crusts and flaky pastries. (Contains 11-12.0% protein.)

Organic Bread Flour Milled from Organic Expresso hard red spring wheat, this flour produces a very dark crust with subtle tones of chocolate and spices. We love its rustic quality in hearth loaves, and the high protein is great for blending with whole wheat flours, too. (Contains 12.5-13.5% protein.)

Organic Pastry Flour This flour is crafted from the unique looking Cara Club wheat that thrives in the Skagit Valley and is known for its disease resistance. With a noticeable corn-like flavor, it is fantastic used in cakes, pies, pastries, biscuits and a true Seattle favorite—Dutch babies!