Yecora Rojo Type 85 Artisan Bread Flour

Very versatile, especially well-suited for artisan breads that require longer bulk fermentation time. It has a really tender crumb and has a bit of sweetness, especially compared to the nutty Expresso or the earthy 1109. 

From a dough structure standpoint, this is our go to flour that gives us the crust and crumb we want in out artisan loaves. We will often add in other flours for flavor (Expresso for dark and nutty, Edison for lighter, 1109 for earthy and wheaty). 

Blend with pastry flour for added strength and extra wheat flavor in pastries or laminated doughs. 

Applications: Artisan and pan loaves. Also makes delicious pancakes. Protein: 11% - 14%

Yecora Rojo Type 65 Artisan Bread Flour

Similar to the Yecora Rojo T85 but higher sifted. Great for laminated doughs given its strength and sift.

Applications: Lighter breads such as brioche, baguettes. Great for laminated doughs as well as cookies. Protein: 12% - 13%

Organic Expresso Artisan Bread Flour

Produces a very dark crust and crumb, and a nutty flavor. Good loft due to the high protein. Its crumb doesn’t feel as silky as the Yecora Rojo; it is more of a rustic loaf.

For artisan breads, blend Organic Expresso with Whole Grain Expresso and Edison in a 50/25/25 ratio.

Applications: Artisan breads, ciabatta, pizza dough, pancakes. Protein: 12.5% - 13.5%

Organic Edison All-Purpose Flour

The bran is really blond, so it works well as a substitute for white all purpose flour. We developed a bread roll for a local school, and we’re thrilled the kids don’t know they’re eating a much healthier product. 

For artisan breads and sweet doughs, blend Edison with Organic Expresso in a 90/10 ratio or with Yecora Rojo Type 85 in a 90/10 ratio. Edison blends well with Cara Club Wheat pastry flour for pie crusts and galettes.

Applications: Artisan breads, baguettes, pie dough, pastries, galettes, cookies, sweet doughs. Protein: 11% - 12.5%

Cara Club Wheat Pastry Flour

This is amazing pastry flour. It has a noticeable corn-like flavor. We made some shortbread recently and it had a quality of cornbread. For sweet yeast doughs pie crusts or galettes, blend Cara Club Wheat with Edison or Skagit 1109. 

We blend Cara  into cookies at a ratio of 1:2 with 1109. The 1109 provides a bit more strength  so the cookie holds up, and adds a delicious caramelization quality.

Applications: Cookies, delicate fine cornmeal cookies, biscuits, steamed puddings, pound cakes, pancakes, waffles, pie pastries, Japanese sponge cakes. Works well with both savory and sweet applications. Protein: 7.5% - 9%

Gazelle Rye Specialty Flour

For flavorful European-style breads and rolls, blend Gazelle Rye with Edison or Yecora Rojo Type 85 in a 20/80 ratio.

Applications: Artisan breads, Danish style rye breads, cookies, rye tarts and crusts Protein: 9% - 10%

Skagit 1109 Specialty Flour

This is a bit of a weaker gluten so it often isn’t used as a single varietal. It is often blended into other flours for its wonderful dark color and earthy/wheaty flavor. This is one of the Bread Lab’s varietals.

Great in cookies 2/3 1109, 1/3 cara.

Applications: Blended with other flours. Protein: 9.5% - 10.5%

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